PerceptoBot - An Autonomous Robot with Ability to Interact with Humans and surroudings.


In today's world we are surrounded by machines but we hardly interact with them like we do with humans. So this is an approach to develop a robot that can interact with humans and follow human commands in form of speech which is the normal way humans interact with themselves.


Hardware Design of Robot

1. Raspberry Pi 3B with 32GB Ultrafast Storage.
2. Arduino paired with L293D Motor Driver.
3. 15 MP USB Camera.
4. High Torque DC Motors.
5. 24V Battery to power the motors.
and many more.


1. Raspian OS for Raspberry Pi.
2. CMU Sphinx for Voice Recognition.
3. OpenCV for object detection and face recognition.
4. Wolfram Alpha for knowledge base.
5. Espeak module for Robot's text to speech.


The Robot was successfully built with the features like :-
1. Following Human Voice Commands
2. Recognizing Humans and Objects in the surrounding
3. Roam autonomously in the surrounding.
4. Answer human queries by using knowledge base.
5. Robot can help setup reminders, play songs,etc.
6. Robot can also be operated in different modes like Child care and monitoring, a buddy for your kids, etc.

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