About the group

  • Human-Robot System (HRS) - Reading Group aims to foster young minds by reading papers by amazing Researchers. So if you want to learn about the new great research or love to have discussions on interesting research ideas, HRS is for you!!!
Spring 2019 Meeting Place and Time

  • We meet Mondays from 12 pm - 1 pm in G11.
Want to join?

  • Just drop us an email at kchanda2@binghamton.edu and we will add you to the group.

Upcoming Paper Reading Sessions

Date Time & Place Leader Paper
04/22/2019 G11 - 12 pm Shiqi Zhang and Saeid Amiri Shayegan Omidshafiei, Dong-Ki Kim, Miao Liu, Gerald Tesauro, Matthew Riemer, Christopher Amato, Murray Campbell and Jonathan How
Learning to Teach in Cooperative Multiagent Reinforcement Learning, AAAI, 2019
TBD G11 - 12 pm TBD Anirudh Goyal, Riashat Islam, Daniel Strouse, Zafarali Ahmed, Matthew Botvinick, Hugo Larochelle, Yoshua Bengio, Sergey Levine
InfoBot: Transfer and Exploration via the Information Bottleneck, ICLR, 2019

Previous Paper Reading Sessions

Date Time & Place Leader Paper
04/15/2019 G11 - 12 pm Saeid Amiri Prasoon Goyal , Scott Niekum , Raymond J. Mooney
Using Natural Language for Reward Shaping in Reinforcement Learning
04/01/2019 G11 - 12 pm Roger Correia Pan Y, Cheng CA, Saigol K, Lee K, Yan X, Theodorou E, Boots B.
Agile Autonomous Driving using End-to-End Deep Imitation Learning, RSS, 2018
3/25/2019 G11 - 12 pm Roger Correia Beomjoon Kim, Leslie Pack Kaelbling and Tomas Lozano-Perez
Adversarial Actor-Critic Method for Task and Motion Planning Problems Using Planning Experience, AAAI
3/11/2019 G11 - 12 pm Shiqi Zhang Tsung-Hsien Wen, David Vandyke, Nikola Mrkšic, Milica Gašic,Lina M. Rojas-Barahona, Pei-Hao Su, Stefan Ultes, and Steve Young
A Network-based End-to-End Trainable Task-oriented Dialogue System, Association for Computational Linguistic, 2017
3/4/2019 G11 - 12 pm Kishan Chandan Michael Walker, Hooman Hedayati, Jennifer Lee, Daniel Szafir
Communicating Robot Motion Intent with Augmented Reality, HRI, 2018
2/11/2019 G11 - 12 pm Saeid Amiri Mrinmaya Sachan, Kumar Avinava Dubey, Tom M. Mitchell, Dan Roth, Eric P. Xing
Learning Pipelines with Limited Data and Domain Knowledge, NeurIPS, 2018
2/4/2019 G11 - 12 pm Saeid Amiri Faraz Torabi, Garrett Warnell, Peter Stone
Behavioral Cloning from Observation, IJCAI, 2018